October 1 2021

Having A Baby Congrats

“Hey Greg, I thought I’d find you here.” “Oh hey Xylorp, how’s it going?” Greg asked, shaking himself dry and flushing the urinal. “I’m okay, buddy,” the seven foot three-inch-tall glowing green regional director of sales said, sheepishly fiddling with his necktie. “How are you feeling, you okay?” “Yeah, man,…

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August 30 2021

Get Kinky Anniversary

Bruce had called Chez Patisse to make a reservation for tonight when he’d gotten into the car and had been on hold for eight and a half minutes. It figured that as soon as they took him off hold, the cop car appeared and blipped the siren and flashers. “Dammit,…

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August 12 2021

Happy Birthday Bitch

“And Sailor Steve gave Amethystina the kiss of true love, and he moved into her Diamond Dream Palace where they had a billion million jillion babies and lived happily ever after,” said Leah as she jammed the two dolls together on the pink plastic jewel-encrusted mattress and made wet kissy…

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July 25 2021

I Really F’ed Up

Deep below the surface of the earth on the French-Swiss border, Dr. Hellström looked on in disgust as his stupid assistant Yannick stood next to the Large Hadron Collider and made mouth love to a thick oily bratwurst that he kept dipping into an open jar of mayonnaise. Yannick chewed…

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