1 October 2021

Having A Baby Congrats

“Hey Greg, I thought I’d find you here.” “Oh hey Xylorp, how’s it going?” Greg asked, shaking himself dry and flushing the urinal. “I’m okay, buddy,” the seven foot three-inch-tall glowing green regional director of sales said, sheepishly fiddling with his necktie. “How are you feeling, you okay?” “Yeah, man,…

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12 July 2021

Fantastic Congrats

Jelly Bean climbed the steps to the door of the trailer behind the elephant pen. One of the old bulls trumpeted as Jelly Bean tapped lightly on the door. “Come on in, Jelly Bean,” Wiggles said from behind his desk. He was chewing the stub of a comically oversized exploded…

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14 June 2021

Graduated Somehow

Molly walked down the hallway, her body growing heavy with dread as she braced herself for what she would find behind her dorm room door. Over the past two semesters living with Nicole, Molly’s senses of detection had become animalian.

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Review Title

One Star
Hate it! Very offensive…. don’t even want to see it come up when I’m shopping!

— LoveEndless

Nice card
It’s a card what can I say

— Lisa

This was a bit at my cousin’s baby shower. The older people were offended but everyone under 50 thought it was great

— Colleen

Funny as Hell!
Made my injured sister laugh so hard she hurt herself again. Enough said.

— Jacalyn

Completely uncouth, just the way it should be.

— Bubberz

Our son ordered this pathetic card on our account for his sister. It is not cute or funny. Rather, it is classless.

— Hawgfan

We are not friends anymore
Friend was not amused

— Alexander

It’s a card
Good card and did the trick

— C.L. Trusty

its a big card its funny what more do you want from me

— Mr. Awesome