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Look, friends, let’s be real – over half of marriages end in divorce these days. That’s because over 90% of couples getting married contain at least one person who totally sucks! And when it’s your friend or relative who marries a complete turd festival of a human being, what are you going to do? Not attend the wedding? We both know you love Jordan almonds and the Electric Slide too much to do that. So you went and pretended like you approved, but they knew when you congratulated them in the receiving line that you didn’t really mean it. Now that the marriage has exploded like you knew it inevitably would, you can finally share your real feelings! Now who’s up for Jello shots? Time to find your newly freed compadre a chick you can both like! Not like THAT – unless he’s into it?

Printed on premium 8.5″ x 11″ card stock in Los Angeles, California – High quality vivid colors – Satisfaction guaranteed

InYourFace Greeting Cards – “Better Than A Text Message”


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