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The way the laws are going these days, pretty soon all manners of formerly illegal intoxicants will be available in a wide variety of flavors at your corner store. But what of the most intoxicating substance known to man – love? Once they legalize candy flipping and whatever other weird drug combos the kids are doing these days, will they be able to distill love into a pill with Velma from Scooby Doo’s face on it? Seems unlikely. But for those of you who want to celebrate your lucky friends or relatives finding the never-ending source of the most elusive illicit drug of all, now there’s this massive card. Give it every year and don’t worry about repeats because guess what – they’re too high on each other to notice!

Printed on premium 8.5″ x 11″ card stock in Los Angeles, California – High quality vivid colors – Satisfaction guaranteed

InYourFace Greeting Cards – “Better Than A Text Message”


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