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Fresh from watching a corny gender reveal video sent by a friend or loved one from which you learned they were having the pink gender, oh what’s it called, the one where you draw eyelashes and a bow on them if it’s a cartoon? Ah that’s right, a girl. No matter how many pink balloons flew out of the box after getting shot by the bb gun with the pink powder by the stripper who popped out of the cake that was pink in the middle, there’s one thing a gender reveal can’t tell you – the type of girl that squiggly little fetus is going to be. Will she be a Material Girl? An Uptown Girl? A Cinnamon Girl? Maybe even a Fat Bottomed Girl (a parent can hope)? Make sure she’s at least a cool girl by sending her parents this giant card that puts the “F” word right next to a picture of a baby. Because everyone knows all the cool babies curse.

Printed on premium 8.5″ x 11″ card stock in Los Angeles, California – High quality vivid colors – Satisfaction guaranteed

InYourFace Greeting Cards – “Better Than A Text Message”


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