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Everyone has been there – you’re crawling through a completely packed parking lot, desperate for a space, when you come across a douchey, luxury car-driving dipstick who parked flagrantly diagonal across two previously usable spots. Or you’re at the store, returning to your car laden with groceries, only to find an absent-minded teenager parked so close to you that you have to crawl into your seat from the passenger-side door. Did you shake your impotent fists at the sky, wishing you had some sort of savagely passive-aggressive method of letting this blatantly offensive vehicle owner know how deeply they’ve wounded their karma score? Well next time, you’ll be ready. Next time, we’ve got you covered, with these tiny yet powerful bad parking cards.

The covers look innocent and sweet, a gentle note left from a good Samaritan wishing good tidings to all, but inside you might just find a middle finger or the F-word staring back at you. Toss a pack in your glove box and you’re ready to go, no signature or traceable handwriting needed.

InYourFace Greeting Cards – “Better Than A Text Message”


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