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True marriage is the joining of two hearts, two souls, two lives, where the whole equals more than the sum of its parts. So much of the celebration surrounding marriage focuses on what is gained, but what about what is lost? The priceless vintage troll doll collection, gone to make room for his stuuuuupid work desk. The foosball table, removed to accommodate her laaaaaame stationary bike. And we’re not even getting into the countless bites of primo dessert and french fries you’re inevitably sharing from now until the cold embrace of the grave, unless of course the “D” word happens – then we’re really talkin’ asset loss, brother! Commend your friends or loved ones who just united in holy matrimony for their generous spirits with this large and lovely card right here. And if they get bummed out, tell them hey, at least there’s that tax deduction, right?

Printed on premium 8.5″ x 11″ card stock in Los Angeles, California – High quality vivid colors – Satisfaction guaranteed

InYourFace Cards – “Better Than A Text Message


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