Why should you give your friend an InYourFace Greeting card? Consider this…


And then all of a sudden, piercing light stings your friend’s retinas. They become immediately confused.

“Where am I? Why is my body tangled in multiple layers of cloth?”

Moments later, as fear is replaced by rational, cognitive thought, they realize; “Alas! I have just regained consciousness after 5 ½ hours of slumber, and its my GODDAMNED BIRTHDAY!”

So what’s the first thing they do on their goddamned birthday? They eagerly check their phone for text messages that likely contain poorly written, insincere birthday wishes from people they may or may not even care about.


And what do you know, they have several text messages. Great, let’s read through them.

  • “Happy B-day. let’s celebrate this weekend im available are you having a party?”
  • “happy birthday woohoo! may your day sparkle with joy”
  • “HBD”
  • “im trapped in my refrigerator, call for help please hurry”

And the like.

These crappy little messages continue to trickle in throughout the day, each one a solemn reminder of just how impersonal our technology ridden society has become…


And THAT is why you get your friend an In Your Face greeting card. Don’t let Scenario 1 become a reality.